Before Christmas, we had the opportunity to interview Devon, the winner of our Christmas Doll Giveaway. What surprises us is, he has bought Yesteria reborn toddler before. After the interview, we found that he is really a kind customer and father, a very professional doll toy buyer. He loves her daughter so much and bought a lot of clothes and accessories for the doll.

Yesteria: What kind of doll do you or your daughter like most?

Devon: Lea(my daughter) wanted a boy so badly as she only has had girl dolls in the past. She wanted something bigger that would wear more lifelike clothing and that you would actually be able to shop for.

Yesteria: How does your daughter usually play with the doll? Will she take her/him out when she goes out?  

Devon: Lea will play with the doll like role play. Acting as if it is her child and doing everything with it. And for sure, the doll would go anywhere with us. Out to eat, shopping at the store or even to hang out at a friends house and recces at school. Lea loves to make videos of her playing with the dolls, feeding them in the highchair, walking them in the stroller or car seat, and loves dressing them.

Yesteria: Will you buy the accessories for the doll?

Devon: Yes, for sure, and we already have. As the 24 inch toddler will be her main gift from "Santa" we also purchased all real baby items. A diaper bag with diapers and wipes, 6 new outfits, a new blanket, a few sippy cups, the little puff teats, (that Lea will end up eating) and a pacifier holder (even though he doesnt take one, it still looks so cute). We also tossed in the diaper bag, some baby powder and baby shampoo (even though it cannot be used on them) so she could role play and make her videos she is wanting. Our last purchase is going to be a baby tub so she can really get into it! 

We hope that every customer can treat our dolls like real babies. Our dolls are more than just a toy. She/he is not only an object for children to help them cultivate love and learn to take care of others, but also a friend who accompanies them to grow up. On the way of children's growth, there may be many things that make them feel confused or dejected, but the reborn baby doll will always stay with them.

We are so happy that Lea likes our products. We sincerely wish Lea and all children a healthy and happy growth!

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