Solutions for general problems

Missing Pacifier 

All the dolls are inspected strictly before delivery, please kindly check the package, the pacifier may have shifted during transit. If you still cannot find the pacifier contact us at any time and we will send you a new one.

Eyelashes falling off

As reborn baby dolls are hand-made, eyelashes are hand glued. Few eyelashes might fall off when playing with dolls. We ensure our production is of the highest quality, but if an incident does occur, a DIY fix is to use glue to reattach the eyelashes (E600 glue is recommended). If any further issues arise, reach out and we will send you a new doll head. The assembly is very simple:

Faded eyebrows

Regrettably, the fading color is irreversible. Coming into contact with dirty substances or prolonged sunlight exposure may change the color of the dolls. You may try to color the eyebrows with the use of eyeliner. Please take care of your reborn doll to avoid any discoloration.

Reattaching fallen limbs

Please treat a reborn doll like a real baby. If you play with a baby doll impertinently, the head, hand or leg might come off. Trust yourself, it is easy to assemble, you can refer to the video: how to assemble a doll:

The pacifier magnet

Once again, using glue is a readily available home fix (E600 is recommended). However, if the issue persists reach out to us and we will send you a new ready to assemble head piece.
How to assemble a doll:
How to reattach limbs:

Nails or others parts darkening 

Material of Yesteria reborn doll is silicone vinyl. Exposure to unclean surfaces or objects may cause discoloration. Please keep your doll clean and out of direct sunlight. If a new doll has black nails or hands, please kindly show us the picture, if the circumstances are right, we will send you a new doll.

Other quality issues 

All Yesteria dolls are inspected strictly before delivery. If there are any quality problems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can email or
. We are here for you.


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