WINNERS Of The Doll-A-Day Giveaway!

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03/12/2021 The Doll: Betty

Eugenia from Spain

02/12/2021 The Doll: George

Zeshkanja from Germany

01/12/2021 The Doll: Lea

Adriana Valeria from Italy

30/11/2021 The Doll: Leo

Verheultwins from Netherlands

29/11/2021 The Doll: Mia

Mia Meshi from Italy

28/11/2021 The Doll: Lea

Ksenija Kunović from Croatia

27/11/2021 The Doll: Betty

Abbie from Italy

26/11/2021 The Doll:George

Jana from Germany

25/11/2021 The Doll: Peter

mamma_di_giada from Italy

24/11/2021 The Doll: Matteo

Naya from Austria

23/11/2021 The Doll: Mia

Miradie from Germany

22/11/2021 The Doll: Leo

Carmela from Italy

21/11/2021 The Doll: Lea

Prayla Korra from Albania

20/11/2021 The Doll: Matteo

Ani Havaas from Sweden

19/11/2021 The Doll: Peter

Alda Meta from Greece

18/11/2021 The Doll: Lea

Dedaa Adela from Italy

17/11/2021 The Doll: George

Claudia Modenezi from Italy

16/11/2021 The Doll: Leo

Ni Meireles from Portugal

15/11/2021 The Doll: Mia

Judith Montero from Spain

14/11/2021 The Doll: Betty

Luada Koci. from Albania