One of the most popular Reborn Baby Dolls Cutie Apple - Yesteria

One of the most popular Reborn Baby Dolls Cutie Apple

Name of this girl newborn reborn baby doll is "Cutie Apple".

She's so cute, so beautiful, just as the real newborn baby girl,you can not help falling in love with her at first sight.
Created by Spanish Doll Artist, cutie Apple is an amazingly lifelike reborn baby doll, from her bright blue eyes to her cute fingers and toes.
It is undeniable that the nickname “apple” matching her perfectly. Apple fruit is one of most popular and favorite fruits among the health conscious, it is also welcome for its lovely appearance.
You are sure to fall in love with her when you pick up her, as this fascinating baby doll is totally poseable and weighted to feel real in your arms.
Cutie Apple is an excellently handcrafted reborn baby doll, with irresistibly soft vinyl skin, a cuddly cloth body, hand-painted feature and hand-rooted hair.

Details about Cutie Apple

Material: The head, 3/4 arms and 3/4 legs are made of soft silicone vinyl materials, hand-rooted hair. The eyes are made by the high quality acrylic, they look like a real baby's eyes, clear and bright, extremely realistic.
This doll makes a perfect gift for expectant mothers, children, grandparents, birthday and holidays.
Size: about 22 inch,55 cm, fits into newborn baby clothes.
Weight: about 3 pounds.

Story of Cuite Apple

Cuite Apple’s big blues staring at you with tiny smile, like she is saying “ Be happy, I am here with you.”  She is always there with you whenever you need her.  Your happiness is the best gift for her. If you treat her like a real baby, she will pay you back with her smile and constant love.
Cuite Apple likes new outfits like most babies do.

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